Native Reflections services all of North America, where we are working hard to preserve First Nations culture, language and traditions. We are looking to educate our youth through new and innovative ways, while keeping a connection to our past. We work with different First Nations across Canada to create new materials that promote our values and our traditional way of life.

According to an oral traditional story, the Seven Teachings were given to the Anishinaabe early in their history. When the Seven Grandfathers sent their Messenger to learn about the current state of the Anishinaabe people, they were told that the people were not living in harmony with each other, nor with the rest of creation.

In a vision quest, the Messenger found a child worthy of the teachings, and the Seven Grandfathers tutored the child in the “Good Way of Life”. Each Grandfather instructed the child with one teaching, which collectively became known as the Seven Teachings.

When you follow the Seven Teachings, you will live a good and happy life.

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