Bear Walker


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Bear Walker presents the Seven Grandfather Teaching: Dbaadendizin (Humility) in comic format. Throughout their brothers' adventures readers are introduced to stories featuring Nanaboozhoo, the Trickster. In this edition a brief story about how to catch rabbits is woven into the storyline. The setting for this story is winter and the main characters find a difficult foe in a Bear Walker who threatens their village. The boy's mother is willing to sacrifice herself to this Bear Walker as Rabbit challenges the old man to a race. The seriousness of the matter is brought home by the explanation of the nature of Bear Walkers. The race will be the most difficult task in the boys' lives. Rabbit knows he must succeed and prays for help. The race begins and the challenger proves that an old man could defeat a youth but when the Bear Walker slips and falls Rabbit wins the challenge. The village is safe from the ravages of the Bear Walker. And through it all the characters learn the true meaning of being humble. This is a unique resource that may interest reluctant readers in finding out about Ojibwe history and teachings