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The Zipitio is older than the rocks, even older than the river, but he doesn't seem old. He is only as tall as a child. He wears a tall black hat and has a shiny round stomach. His feet point backward and his toes sport long pointy nails, and when you look at him you don't know if he is coming or going. But there is no real need to be afraid of him. He hides down by the river. The only time you will see him is when he falls in love.

Sure enough, the next time Ru'na Perez goes down to the river, there he is. Ru'na runs away and leaves the Zipitio crying of a broken heart. But Ru'na's mother is wise. She knows that the Zipitio has fallen in love with every young woman in the village. She knows that there is nothing to fear. Best of all, she knows how to help Ru'na deal with the Zipitio's love.